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Sunday Notes

Well, as most know, I am off to the wagering conference in Montreal. When fans and bettors hear "conference and racing" in the same sentence, more than likely their first reaction is "so what". I understand that. But this time there will be some differences.

I hope that from the bettor end we can get across a few concepts. And there are some big bettors on panels to hopeful convey much of them in a convincing way.

-Offshores are not the problem, we are the problem

-We are asking to turn the ship of wagering. How can we without a captain?

-Prices are too high in racing.

-Racing does not work hard enough to keep and ask for our money

-We have no long term customer and bettor-centric business plan

-Pool sizes are too low for many people to play into. Betfair would be dead if there were twenty people playing, too

I would hope we can get some answers to these questions and more. At least perhaps we can change the mindset a little bit, that something has to be done to compete, and win in the 21st century.

I will make some posts from the conference on how things are going. It should be fun, and I am looking forward to it.

Good luck at the windows today and this week!


Anonymous said…
It's great that you are attending Dean. Good luck.