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Extreme Handicapping

Well, since I have been on a kind of vacation it has been tough to keep tabs on happenings. But thankfully World Famous Handicapper (ok, not world famous, but I would hazard a guess that he is the best handicapper south of Detroit and north of Leamington) Lou the Whip has agreed to help us out. If I can get back in time to play I will probably take a few exotics with his picks.

I like it that people will actually stick their neck out and make some picks. Not many people do. I can see why, since we will make fun of them if they stink, and won't give them credit if they win :)

Here they are, and remember these are for fun only (if you lose). If you win, well then give the blog a 10% cut ;)

When: Saturday night
Where: Georgian Downs, Innisfil, ONT
How to Bet: Simulcast outlets and Internet betting throughout North America
Pool Sizes: Medium
Field Depth: Large
Betting Strategy: Exotics

3 Joshs Deal – shows all kinds of speed on the half and now picks up speed specialist JR Plante, should manage a great 2 hole ride behind Bunny Talk
2 Kennairn Sensation – looks like the obvious recipient of the “suck” trip and should be able to out muscle Bunny Talk late to get up for 2nd
6 Bunny Talk – should cut most of the fractions and will hang around
6 Ruby Falcon - came back to life in her latest in a very defiant looking win

8 Beyond The Blue- ginormous driver change and does have some early speed to get out and get positioned for a big piece of the pie

5 MsBBD – never been a fan of a horse that’s 0 for 20 going in…the distance might help, but I don’t think enough to merit a victory


10 Colombe Dream – notorious late starter and unless they put Steve Charlton up late should be able to time it just right

6 Speedy Desperado – actually tried to get a piece of this horse 2 years ago but wasn’t for sale, sneaky late pace and the driver usually keeps him brave along the cones for as long as possible, could surprise late

8 Enlighten Me – another late mover should benefit from the early Etsell/Plante chess match


1 Pacific Mariner – we’re only going 3/8ths of a mile.. this is a no brainer for this guy

4 Townline Joyspunch - early speed threat, not really a strong finisher but remember this guy burning plenty of my money by parking them out for half a mile.

3 Kole Pocket – best of rest


5 Rodeo Du Ruisseau – hard to ignore Q

2 Lombo Skyrider – early speed should hang around

9 Gothic Crusader – batman returns to the bike


3 Aerial Victory – finally seems to be improving

2 Invincible Sun – huge back class and doesn’t even bother trying until after 3/4s of a mile anyway

4 JC Chaser – speed won’t last forever or in this case the entire 1 5/8ths


2 Coltin Duhuras – very steppy at times but has one huge brush and if timed right can blow away this weak field

9 Ideal Match – major class relief after two traffic troubled trips and a horrendous park out 3 back

12 Santas Special – left hard last time, had to take back but still had some late weapons


7 Abbey Road C – shouldn’t matter what way they are going, even upside down ARC has to win this race

5 Solange Kosmos- always a part of it and was impeded twice when trying to move from the bush last week

6 Vip Hall – free too late in latest

R11 -

6 Valagain – horse perfectly suited to this distance

3 Nocturnal – brother ben has been the hottest trainer the last 30 days, can’t see this horse missing the ticket

13 Gyraider – should be able to outstep the staggering Royas Scooter for third

R12 -

4 Hearthrob – another horse perfectly suited for this distance

9 Goliath Duruisseau – steady class gain since entering Menary’s barn

18 Intrepid Bigadier – was one of those start/stop types at Windsor back when Geno was driving, maybe can end up in the 8th over position(yes, I just said 8th over) and pick up the pieces late


Anonymous said…
Georgian Downs programs are now available for free on the Georgian Downs website.
Air McNair 5-2?? Thought I had a sneaker.
Pull the Pocket said…
Are you going to be playing the card RG?

If it rains here, or the weather is crappy I am going to dabble into the exotic pools and maybe play around in real time on the blog/on harnessdriver. Cangamble just pasted a link and reminded me that Lederman is calling the card again this year. Hell, that is worth having on the video streaming, regardless of what is happening on the racetrack :)
Anonymous said…
Did anybody catch Mike Wassilyn's impression of Steve Charlton in the 7th?


Brett said…
Is Somebeachsomewhere good or what? Only 70K out of 75K on him to win.
Pull the Pocket said…
I just got in to flip that over. Easy victory, no place betting, no show betting. What a horse.

Looks like the handle turned out to be very good for extreme. Some good picks as well Whip. I should have a post up tomorrow about the festivities.

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