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M Pace, Gold in the Hills & a Touching Tribute

The Meadowlands Pace elims are off and pacing this weekend. We will have some analysis over the coming days. Of note, Bob Heyden had Mr. Wiggles at number three heading into the race, but he is not entered. Anyone see why?

For a take on the Meadowlands and the apparent dancing on its grave (a good opine.... people who think Chester and Yonkers getting top quality horses instead of the Meadowlands is good for racing are misguided), check out Alan's post here.

The Gold Rush hits Georgian Downs this weekend with over $1M up for grabs. We'll see if Louis the whip, our resident B-track guru has any tips.

Last up, iron horse and $1M winner Daylon Trooper escaped from his stall, was injured and had to be put down last week. In a touching obit, Micheal Sweeney of Scarborough Downs lets his thoughts be known on the old champ who deserved a better end.

I met him only once, just days after he arrived at Scarborough Downs. I couldn’t wait to lay eyes on one of harness racing’s elite.

He was a fine looking animal, shiny and strapping, endowed with the presence and bearing that only those who have been to the big time could ever possess. He came to my hand as I grabbed onto his halter and he even allowed me to pat him on the forehead once or twice. His tolerance quickly gave way though as he tired of the attention and began a playful game of trying to chew off the newcomer’s hand. Apparently even star players can tire of the attention of their adoring fans.

His loss was felt deeply at Scarborough Downs this weekend.

“The only word that can describe this situation is heartbreaking,” said longtime Scarborough trainer Dana Childs. “It was a heartbreaking end to a brilliant career.”

What a career it was.


Mr Wiggles not on the list of eligibles for M pace. In a div of the Reynolds Friday @ Pcd
Anonymous said…
According to the stakes nominations, Mr. Wiggles was not made eligible. Not like Holly to overlook that!

best regards,

Pull the Pocket said…
Wow that is really weird.

Here is his last one before the elims were announced. We'll see how he does compared to Greg R:

Each week, Meadowlands racing analyst Bob Heyden ranks the Top 10 contenders for the $1-million Meadowlands Pace on July 18.

1. WELL SAID - Exploded home to win Pepsi North America Cup in a stakes record 1:48.1. The $240,000 yearling has jumped atop everyone’s list after his completely dominant mile.

2. ART COLONY - Disappointing in his NA Cup elim, but bounced back and got up for second in the final. Casie Coleman: "I would say he's all the way back and I was thrilled with his race."

3. MR WIGGLES - Just missed third in NA Cup final. Teague: " I was happy with the way he finished for sure. He's a versatile horse, and I felt going in that he was a main contender."

4. IF I CAN DREAM - Sixth, but paced in 1:49.4, in the NA Cup. Overdue for a mile in which he makes a late sweeping move.

5. ANNIESWESTERNCARD - Berry’s Creek winner shocked at 50-1 to make the NA Cup final but was a non-factor in the final.

6. MILLIONAIRE CAM - Toured the oval from post 10 in NA Cup final; quality colt needs a better post and fast pace.

7. CHASIN RACIN - Seventh in NA Cup, but really had no chance at the start or finish.

8. VINTAGE MASTER - Didn't make the NA Cup final after an untimely break in his elim, but his comeback was memorable.

9. LISAGAIN - Third in NA Cup consolation, but so far stuck in the starting gate.

10. PASSMASTER HANOVER - Failed to make NA Cup Final after his NJ Classic win. Will Burgess, the leader in big money races, have him ready?
Pacingguy said…
With regards to Daylon Tripper, a better end would have been if one of his past owners would have retired the eleven year old. Daylon won over a million dollars in his career and in his last start he was in a NW1500L5 or 5000claimer race.

While there is nothing illegal about what was done and it was a freak accident, I noticed Daylon got a new owner this past April. One would have thought one of his past owners would have decided that Daylon had done enough and deserved a retirement instead of continuing to race a millionaire horse in such a cheap class. I understand not everyone can afford to keep every racehorse they ever raced, but they could have sent him to a retirement group.
NewHorizons said…
Pacingguy~I Agree...
Anonymous said…
I believe that, to be fair, he was in on the condition not the claiming tag. Many old horse race up and down the condition spectrum depending on the time of year, the competition etc. So really can't knock the people if he was still racing sound. Admirals Express on the other hand....
Regards, Rebecca

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