There's Racing's Next Competitor

I'll Bet $10 on the Pig
Casino's, slots, online poker, bingo, scratch cards and lotteries - they've all been considered a threat to horse racing's betting revenues; and they have been. But it may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Get ready for Zynga betting.

Yesterday, Mark Pincus of Zynga Games, the company that has in's with Facebook and others and runs the popular social game "Farmville", said the company is looking into online gaming.

"I think it's a good natural fit. I think, philosophically, the part people haven't noticed yet, real money gaming is the perfect with virtual goods and social games."

Zynga already runs "Zynga Poker", which has 30 million users.

While we've been fighting over slices and betting to lose with betfair and exchanges, and have spent time talking about 30% takeout central internet betting platforms, our positioning in this market has eroded. Right now there are companies offering real money fantasy sports challenges, and kids can play video games like Madden 2012 head to head for cash, for two examples. 

But all that could be considered small potatoes when and if Zynga gets in the game. They are smart, well-funded and usually create things that capture a huge audience.

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