Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is There A Better Place to Get a Positive Than California?

The CHRB handed Doug O'Neill a 45 day suspension for TCo2 today. According to the New York Times, it's his 4th TCo2 violation.

That was pretty astounding, for us as racers up here.

When you come from a place like Ontario, a class III (which TCo2 is), by itself as a first offence (mistakes can and do happen) is a minimum 60 days. For a fourth offence? Well, that's a minimum two years.

Although we don't know the full details of this case, it's not a whole lot different in New York it seems, as a two time offender recently got five years.

When you add O'Neill's other offences to the mix, I surmise the ORC up here would chuck him for at least three years. 

Horseplayers have long complained about the kids glove treatment in the golden state. When we look at it through the lens of 45 days for a fourth high TCo2, I think they might have a point.

Note: An Australian study shows the naturally occurring levels for TCo2 for those interested.

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