Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NYRA Board Meeting (Cub Reporter Notes)

I am here at the meeting and reporting, as cub reporters do. I present my notes from today's NYRA board meeting. Some of these things clearly didn't come across in the video and my twitter is broken. I describe them here, for you.

2:08 PM - Meeting called to order, new NYRA chair -  that doesn't know much about racings internal situation - is still milling around, talking to people. 

2:09 PM - New NYRA Chair introduces himself and shakes hands with Joe Drape. Crowd hisses. NYRA Chair looks confused.

2:10 PM - Ray Paulick shows up in gym shorts.

2:12 PM - Steve Byk enters, and proclaims "It's going to be a great year for NYRA"

2:14 PM - O Crunk enters

2:15 PM - O Crunk escorted out

2:16 - Tom LaMarra seen handicapping the sixth at Turfway Park. Serling tells him he likes the four on the turnback.

2:17 PM  - Brooklyn Backstrech is collecting for the Toys For Tots backstretch Christmas fund. Mike Repole gives her a fifty.

2:18 PM - Lasix ban mentioned. Trainers huddle up, and exclaim "no, not at this time". Repole nods.

2:19 PM - Fireworks! Todd Pletcher enters, meets @notthetoddster, freaks out because they have exactly the same haircut.

2:22 PM - Maggie Wolfendale seen writing twitter posts, types "Jerry Bossert looking fit, he could like the distance"

2:23 PM - Andy Beyer comes in, drops a signed copy of Beyer on Speed in the Toys For Tots box.

2:24 PM - Allan Mann seen listening to his iPod, having a fruit smoothy with that James Odato guy. One straw

2:29 PM - NYRA financials presented. Man in crowd wearing a "2016 Cuomo" pin shouts, "Fraud". Man escorted out to sit with O Crunk.

2:31 PM - Takeout changes discussed. Steve Crist says he doesn't know anything about them.

2:33 PM - Ray Paulick seen signing autographs, "Kevin Bacon"

2:34 PM - Sid Fernando comes in late. Had to wait for his take out Thai dish from Park Slope. 

2:36 PM - Nick Kling getting unruly, smoking a Cuban. Escorted out to sit with O Crunk and the "Cuomo 2016" guy.

2:40 PM - Man asks for OTB's to be re-opened. Crowd pelts him with finger sandwiches and other meeting buffet fare.

2:42 PM - Slots budget for 2013 presented. Eight hundred thousand million earmarked for purses, $927.16 slated for "Free Andy Serling Poster Day" for customers. Everyone looks happy with the 2013 split.

2:44 PM - Some woman asks Ray Paulick to dance like he danced to "Let's Hear it For the Boy". Replies "Later sweetheart"

2:52 PM - Someone looks over his shoulder and catches Joe Drape's next byline: "mangled meetings, maimed executives". Crowd buzzes.

2:55 PM - A throng of Asian men enter, surrounding a man in a white suit. The crowd goes wild. The man in the suit is  none other than Bill Nader. "I'm coming back to become President" he bellows.

2:58 PM - The wires hum. Paulick contacts the guy who really runs the Paulick Report - Brad "Louisville GOP" Cummings. Mann turns off his iPod, Brooklyn Backstretch opens her iPad. Others too open Apple devices to report the news.

2:59 PM - O Crunk let back in. Nader says "I like your stuff on twitter. I want to make you my Vice President".  O Crunk says he'll think about it. Nick Kling let back in, too. "Good to see you again Nick" says Nader. Bobby Flay presents Nader with a specially made cob salad. It's a joyous time. Festive atmosphere right now.

3 PM - New NYRA Chair says "Meeting adjourned for three weeks", and asks "Who's Bill Nader?"

Me, PTP your cub reporter, will be here in three weeks, reporting as accurately as I did today. It's never a dull day at a NYRA meeting.

Pocket, out.

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Anonymous said...

Funny stuff!you forgot..Steve Byk is more outraged at the Times titled article of the new NYRA Chair "doesn't know much about racing" than he was of the NYRA takeout corruption.

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