Curlin & Beach. Same Day. (Updated)**

The greatest horse currently in thoroughbred racing goes today at Belmont in Race 10.

The greatest horse currently in standardbred racing goes today at the Red Mile in Race 14.

Belmont is currently a mud-bath. The Red Mile seems quick today. The weather is not scorching, but it appears to be alright should Beach get some sort of huge half and Paul wants to go for the record.

Regardless, it is a great day to be a fan of both breeds. Will Curlin romp and head to the BC Classic? Will Beach bounce back and scorch in 47 or 48? We'll find out soon.

Update: Greg Blanchard reports on HPITV that "today appears to be the day". He was speaking to Paul MacDonnell and it seems they will try for the record in race 14. The weather seems next week to be off, so it might be now or never.

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