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Breeders Crown Contest & Bill Finley

This weekends Crown is on tap at Pocono as you know and there is a very good handicapping contest offered by SC. Three winners will find their way to Georgian Downs for the National Championship, with a chance at $25,000. You can sign up and make your picks at the link. Also, here is a free program link for the weekend card.

Second up, Bill Finley the long-time writer and racing fan has started a brand new harness newsletter that you may be interested in. And it's free. Some of the writers assembled include Andrew Cohen and Bob Heyden.

Another reminder, has its weekly letter as well, and it includes updates on all the weekend's major races. It is also gratis.

I remember about five years ago having a discussion on takeout and hearing 'you will never see anyone offer what you think they should'. Five years later, Hialeah (previously the poster track for high takeout) has gone to 12% - across the board. I would not be shocked to see other Florida tracks start lowering theirs. Tampa Bay has lowered takeout since 2001 almost every year and their handle has gone from $1.8M to $3.9M. It is working for some tracks out there down south. Pompano Park - for harness fans - has dropped theirs as well.


Pacingguy said…
I am a die hard harness racing fan, but at 12%, I may take a stab on the quarter horses. Why not?