Friday, July 22, 2011

Crys Dream: Why the Sport is Difficult to Police

We've seen it before: A penalty given to a trainer by a jurisdiction with reciprocity to other jurisdictions (following suit) only to have the courts intervene and strike it down. This time, there's a first: The ORC ninety day suspension of the filly Crys Dream for a class II positive was struck down by the courts in New Jersey.

I feel the Crys Dream positive was a mistake, and was not worthy of a 90 day suspension. However, rules are what they are, and you can take them when given, or you can try and circumvent them through the courts. These connections chose the latter, and in my opinion, it is another black eye for policing this sport. To be quite honest, I'm finding it difficult to be a fan of the filly now, even though she did nothing wrong.

It's another example of why racing has such a tough time getting rid of folks and attracts people none of us would want to get into business with. There's always a US court there to bail people out, if they have enough money.

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