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Slots Solution in 30 Seconds & Breeders Cup Tips

I have been reading reaction and stories about Halsey Minor's news that he would rather get sent to the big house, instead of having a slot machine at his track. It's been pretty interesting.

I thought about it for 30 seconds tonight, and I came up with a solution. A way to use slots cash to raise revenues. Currently tracks get around 10% and purses get about 10%. That's no good. In the vernacular, it sucks.

Pull The Pocket's Amazingly Intricate Slots Solution

7.5% goes to tracks
7.5% goes to purses
1% goes to marketing
4% goes to player rebates

I just upped handles by 20%, we will soon be watching the World Series of Horseplaying on ESPN 2, and we'll get to watch some cool commercials with Luc Ouellette in a tu tu. The sport grows.

Now that we have grown racing, it is time to speak about the weekend.

Pull the Pocket's Unsolicited Breeders Cup Tips

1. Go big or go home - Shoot the moon. If you bet every horse since the BC started, you make a profit. Don't buck the trend, especially on the pro-ride surface. Things will happen, funky things. No ML's under 6-1 for me. Catch a few bombs and you might be hobknobbing with the rich guys running for the US presidency. You just never know.

2. Play like an idiot and expect to lose - Hell, if we are shooting the moon, chances are we are going to get throttled. I usually place a certain amount in an account, knowing full well I will probably lose every penny. I got lucky on a bomb last year - Nownownow - and caught the exotics, but I got walloped the rest of the way and ended up broke. If Wall Street can do it so can we.

3. Have fun - When you know you are going to lose and bet these bombs, there is no pressure. None whatsoever. It is like a scrawny, single, everyman going to an Oscars party looking for dates. You know you ain't picking up Charlize Theron, so you might as well eat some good food and have a few laughs.

4. Don't Sweat it - When it is over you are not allowed to speak of bad beats. Everyone has bad beats BC day. It is a yearly ritual. Don't speak of them or you'll look like a weenie.

Pull the Pocket's Sure Loser Ultra Pick 6 Bombola

I am going for all the marbles in the pick 6 tomorrow. If I get two of six I am buying a lottery ticket on the way home, because I am walkin' lucky!

Race 3: 3,7,12 - We no need this Indian Blessing.
Race 4: 4,5,11
Race 5: 8,9,10
Race 6: 3 - Gotta key a 6-1 ML shot. Today we're lucky.
Race 7: Zenyatta is the greatest mare in racing. We are keying Carriage Trail.
Race 8: 1,4,6,7,9,12

I didn't want to use Black Mamba in the last leg, because she is a chalk play, but it would be really, really cool to hit a $2 million dollar pick 6 with a horse named Black Mamba. Think of it at parties with non-racing fans, "what did you hit the 2 million on?" "Black Mamba," you say. That is super-cool.

Good luck tomorrow folks and remember, these tips and picks are for fun only. When all the chalk comes in I do not want to see it in the comments section. :)

Seriously, enjoy the day everyone.


greg reinhart said…
Black Mamba should be in the filly and mare turf. She deserved it and her owners stiffed her.
Anonymous said…