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Carryover & It's Funny, Just Because

Why we do not experiment like dogs with carryovers and seedings is beyond me. With a relatively benign $68,000 carryover at the Meadowlands, over $227,000 was in the final pool. Three winners took home $72k each.

And, talk about cutting to the chase.


Allan said…
One thing the dogs do well is their choices of wagers. One in particular doesn't even have a carry over. It is the Double Quinella. As the name implies, you need to pick the quinella in two consecutive races. No, you can't get they payouts you can with a Pick-6, but it pays often very well for a comparativelly minute investment. That is what is missing in horse racing; a wager that truely offers a generous payoff that most players can afford to at least take a stab at.