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February Blah

So there is nothing much going on. I frankly can't believe how blah its been lately. So for viewing pleasure, from someone else who thinks it is blah, here is a video from a chat board showing who is who of the Belmont/Aqueduct on air talent. I need this done for Woodbine. I constantly get Blanchard and Hamilton mixed up.

h/t to Bigmack


Anonymous said…
That's because Blanchard and hamilton (Kirens too) are so vanilla, boring, fence-sitting, non-confontational that you can't tell them apart. Why do I need these "experts" to go on national television and rouinely select 2-5, 3-5, 4-5 or even money shots race after race after race? Blanchard asks the exact same question in EVERY post-race interview which is "What is your horse's best weapons at this point". If you don't believe me watch for yourself.
Pull the Pocket said…
I like Woodbine's on air talent. I think they do a more than adequate job. Public handicappers (at least one of them) tend to go to chalk so they have a higher hit rate.

Anyhoo, to each their own.