Monday, May 13, 2013

Obsequious Orb? Maybe Not

I've been following brown animals running around in a circle for awhile, and I'm sure some of you have done it a lot longer than I. I can't remember, though, another Triple Crown seeking animal that has seemingly got the whole industry behind him or her like Orb has.

He's impeccably bred.

His trainer, as people from my small hometown used to say, "is good people".

He runs a hole in the wind, looks sound as a dollar bill, and is magnificent.

He looks like he can go the distance with Hidalgo, in a storied sport which seems to be breeding fewer and fewer 10 furlong horses.

His works might have to be renamed "ohh and awww" affairs. 

And he's pretty darn fast.

This feels like the one.

Having noted the above, I read the following piece by Bill Shanklin, and it looks like not everyone has thrown in the towel and finally hopped on the Orb coronation. And (if you don't follow owners in this game) who hasn't should surprise you.
  •  ..... instead of rooting for Orb to complete the Triple Crown, Mr. Hancock is going to try to beat him in the Preakness with a gelding he co-owns named Departing (Adele Dilschneider is the other owner). 
This sport was created on the backs of people who looked at each other one day and said "I bet my horse is faster than yours is". I, like Bill, found this refreshing.


Unknown said...

Still think Smarty Jones was "the one" in the context of what's presented here. Even if Orb wins the Preakness, I highly doubt that 10,000 people will be showing up to watch him workout before the Belmont.

Pull the Pocket said...

You and that Smarty Jones this, Smarty Jones that, DeRosa :)

Ya, he had the following unlike we've seen in the TC. This one is a more blue-blooded following I guess and I think that's what I mean - Can't miss prospect for stud, old school connections, history etc.


ron said...

other than having a Japanese owner, fu peg has a similar feel to me. old school trainer, and the Triple Crown was basically conceded to him after the Derby.

Heidi E. Carpenter said...

I agree with Ed about Smarty Jones. There was something about that plain chestnut colt that so captivated everyone (including yours truly). But he was an everyman's horse with blue collar connections.

But I also agree with you, and think that something just feels very "right" about Orb. When was the last time people began whispering about the Triple Crown after the Kentucky Derby but well before the Preakness?

My first Derby was in 1991 but I don't remember such whispers, even after Smarty Jones won the Derby. Now I feel like I'm jinxing Orb by talking about this. *knock on wood*

Pull the Pocket said...

That was kinda my thought, too, Heidi. Smarty had the USA Today crowd and it was marvelous to watch. Orb has the Claiborne and Bloodhorse crowd.


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