Saturday, May 18, 2013

Preakness Day & Some Notes

Well, today's the day. Whether you're looking forward to watching drunk kids getting thrown out of the infield, Beadle bashing, or to do something wild and wacky - bet and watch the second leg of the Triple Crown, there's something for you.

Orb might be fair odds at 7-1 in some blogs, but he looks like the horse to beat by most.

The Pimlico surface has been kind to closers, and on paper there is a great deal of speed.

However, as most pace models aren't showing, there is a strong chance the speed might not show up as expected.

Itsmyluckyday and Goldencents are coming off poor performances, so the pedal won't (shouldn't) be to the metal for those two. Titletown Five, the best E number on paper, is supposedly grabbing leather. The other two Lukas's probably won't gut each other either. We might not see a brisk pace.

Since Orb has shown he can race up close or as a deep closer, perhaps it doesn't matter either way.

If I were betting a speed ticket to beat Orb, I would probably try one with Oxbow on top and hope for an easy lead. But I honestly probably won't be wagering this race. I will be watching, like most, as a fan.

I have not done the requisite work on the undercard, and am not overly stoked to play it today, but from what I have seen there may be some opportunities. Hardened Wildcat looks interesting in the pick 4 sequence; I don't mind Posiedan's Warrior at 10-1ML. Pianist seems to be in a nice spot. I'm not thrilled with the outside posts on the Pimlico Turf Course.


Derek Simon wrote another bang-up blog piece at Twinspires. This one on Orb and former Preakness winners.

Do yourself a favor and check out Bill Finley's feature on an obscure harness racetrack in Eastern Kentucky (pdf). I half expected to see Deputy Marshall Givens in one of Bill's photos. Fascinating place, neat article.

North American racehorses are given prerace which consists of, on average, 5 and a half needles. So says Bill Finley's piece via Rick Arthur in the TDN (pdf).

Tonight at the Meadowlands, the $100k Maturity. Fantastic race.

Last evening at the M, the stakes colts came out to play, and one of the best looking maiden trotters I have seen in some time raced. He stormed home in under 27 seconds and looked like he possessed brilliance. His name is Smiling Eli.

What's missing this year from stakes season? 149 and 150 qualifiers. Thank goodness.

Have a great Saturday everyone. And let's go Orb!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you bet...... Oxbow and Pianist were 2/4's of the pick 4.

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