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Pick 7......... again.

Well tonight's pick 7 at Woodbine, with the monster carryover looks much better to me. If Just the Begrinning and/or Silent Swing win, it goes for certain, in my opinion.

But, these are hard to hit. 7 even money shots in a row is still an under 1% hit rate. So let's try and figure out a ticket.

910-3-47-34-2356710-1359-246 = 576 bets for $576

Running that through with probabilities, that gives us a nice little edge bet. Namely, that ticket blankets a couple of races heavily, with high hit rate probability.

But it is still showing only a 5.74% chance to hit.

If I go 0 for 7 with some of these horses, I think I should stick to all-all daily doubles.

Good luck to anyone who plays.


Pull the Pocket said…
Some lucky winner snagged 80K!

I think we got 5 above.

I bet there are a lot of people who lost that pick 7 by a nose when Silent Swing lost out to the war horse, Escape the Wind.