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Racing Demographics - Ouch!

I am doing real work tonight in Ad Planner, but of course I get sidetracked.

Age Demographics for Internet searches for website A:

Website B:

Website C:

Pop quiz: One is a racing site, one a poker site and one a peer to peer betting site. Can you spot the racing website?


Scott Ferguson said…
hmm, could it be A? :)
dana said…
I'll go with:

A = racing
B = poker
C = peer to peer betting
Anonymous said…
PTP, When do we get the answers? I agree with Dana
A= racing
C=peer to peer betting, what is peer to peer betting?
Regards, Rebecca
Allan said…
A is racing.
Pull the Pocket said…
A is the Daily Racing Form, B is Poker Stars, and C is Betfair.

Youse guys are right on.