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150 watch & Bears. I Love Bears.

Muscle Hill sets his sites squarely on 150 this weekend at the Duquoin State Fair. Nine colts will contest the World Trotting Derby. From the rail out:

1. Southwind Tagar, Homer Hochstetler, Hochstetler, 10-1
2. Windshear, Dan Dube, Jimmy Takter, 15-1
3. Tad The Stud, George Brennan, Frank Antonacci Jr., 15-1
4. Photoforwin, Rick Beinhauer, Beinhauer, 5-1
5. Southern Rocketop, Dave Magee, Robert Taylor, 4-1
6. Muscle Hill, Brian Sears, Greg Peck, 3-5
7. Definer, Tyler Buter, Kenny Collier, 8-1
8. Wuthering Hanover, Dan Dube, Jonas Czernyson, 15-1
9. Airzoom Lindy, Tim Tetrick, Frank Antonacci Jr., 6-1

Are you like me at all with morning lines? I wish they would make them accurately with horses like Muscle Hill. He is 1-9, has about a 85% chance to win, so fill out the rest with the 15%, huh? This will be streamed via the web from the website. That is good news. This will be worth watching. I make it about even money he hits below 150, if the weather is good.

Seth from Equidaily linked his mother's chocolate cake today on his horse racing site. I think I will too. Man that looks like great cake. The owner of that blog has a good tagline. "Lisa is neither a professional chef nor a trained writer. She is just a girl who believes that time spent experimenting in the kitchen, reading cook books cover-to-cover, or wandering local farmers’ markets is time well spent." That is almost exactly the same as me, but I am not a girl, don't know how to bake, and I spend all my time betting horses. Other than that we are two peas in a pod. Anyway, I am sold. I am going to pay someone to make me that damn cake.

Big races this weekend at WEG. About $2.5M up for grabs. I might speak about them tomorrow. I don't find the 2 year old races good betting affairs at all. I do like Bettor Sweet in the Pacing Derby though.

I was watching Sudbury Downs Wednesday evening. Being a born and bred northern boy it brought back some memories - Ah, Sudbury. Rock, some more rock, some trees, and more rock. It did also bring back another memory - there are a lot of bears in Northern Ontario, and sometimes they go to the track (at least they did; before takeout got too high). I love these little bears. Now if I can only find the video of the deer running a half a furlong with the 5 claimers at Mountaineer a couple of years ago, the day would be complete!


Pacingguy said…
All we get at the Meadowlands are your Canadian geese and if lucky some domestic skunks:-)

Started looking at DuQuoin's Saturday card. Looking at the competition, it seems the only way Muscle Hill looses is if he does an impersonation of Niatross at Saratgoa (they do have a hub rail at DuQuoin).
Lisa's Cocina said…
How much are you willing to pay for that cake?

Sorry, couldn't resist. I found out through a relative of Seth that you had linked to my post, too. Thank you!
Pull the Pocket said…

I am gonna try to make it. If it sucks I will pay you like $100 :)

I am glad I stumbled onto your blog. I never, ever, ever thought I would see a food widget, but now I have :)


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