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Boy, I Need a Break

The Mohawk meet closed up tonight and racing moves to Woodbine on Thursday.

The offseason lasts from Monday to Thursday at the premier meet for harness racing.

I don't know about you, but the lack of even a meager offseason for harness racing at our major circuit makes me scratch my head a bit. Mohawk in late September seems to wear a little bit. After Labour Day, with kids back in school in heavily suburban Milton and area, and the days getting shorter, and weather getting a little colder, it seems that the racing at Mohawk gets a little dry.

Why don't we end the Mohawk meet after the CTC and take a few weeks off? I guess it is economic, but I think a few of the horses could use a break, and I know the cappers could. A few weeks gives us some time to market the next meet a little bit, and generate a little bit of excitement for it, one would think. There are opening nights in baseball, football, at many, many thoroughbred tracks. Why not harness racing?

I guess it is a small thing, but ever since I moved to T.O. to go to school, it has been one big 365 day meet. I guess after about 20 years I am finally longing for a bit of a break, and an opening day.


Pacingguy said…
Horsemen, including owners on the whole don't get it. You need breaks otherwise it is just a blur for handicappers. I don't care who the handicapper is, they would appreciate some time to recharge their batteries. And for fans, racing just is there, nothing special.

I live in the NYC area and I never visited the Statue of Liberty. Why, it is just something that is always there; I'll eventually get to it but I have time. Now, have something special come to the area for just two weeks, I'll make a point of getting there.

This is whay is happening to racing. It is always there. There is no sense of urgency to get there. Then, look at Del Mar, Saratoga and other short meets; the people come.
Anonymous said…
Does someone have a ring through your noses pulling you into the 'Hawk with it? Seriously - you can't just TAKE a break?
Pull the Pocket said…
No, I cant, nor can the horses.
Alpha Link said…
I can't take a break either. Thanksgiving dinner, a weekend canoe trip, all go to Hell if there's a betting opportunity... (and there always is). I'd relish a brief stretch of no racing, wouldn't feel bad about engaging in more wholesome activity and would indeed feel refreshed, just like a horse would. Boxing Day's a banner date for most tracks, all that pent up betting energy denied an outlet for even a few days...
Pull the Pocket said…
In harness racing if I stay away for a few weeks I miss out on trips and trainer patterns. I might as well stay away for a year. Hey, not a bad idea! :)