Saturday, March 13, 2010

Well That's That

Zenyatta does what she usually does - win with her ears pricked. If someone can show me a thoroughbred or standardbred who wins more races with zero effort, please let me know.

On the flipside, Rachel loses. What a disappointment. If you were watching with the sound down, or you were an alien who never saw a horse race, you would swear that the mare swooping at the head of the lane with the push button speed was Rachel, not a second stringer from the Sherriffs stable.

I have read time and time again this spring smart race-watchers tell me "Rachel does not look quite the same". I thought they were being overly dramatic. Watching the race once, I was convinced she was probably going to scope sick or show a high white count Monday, but the more and more I watch that race, I think they are right. When a horse like Zardana (no disrespect intended) goes by a HOY like Rachel around the far turn like she is tied to a pole, there is clearly a problem.


That Blog Guy said...

Kiss the match up at Oaklawn good bye. It isn't going to happen. I won't be surprised if Rachel is retired.

Anonymous said...

The jock fell asleep...or...was following strict instructions not to let her run until the 1/16th pole (see Borel's post-race comments). Zardans made a QUICK move and got the jump on Rachel and managed to hold it...this happens. I think either the jock blew the ride or he followed the pre-race instructions to the letter and figured when Rachel kicked it into another gear she would easily overcome the slight advantage held by Zardana turning for home.

The Cowboy Squirrel said...

Agree PTP, RA never looked settled, ears flopped out and Cal Bo with feet on the dashboard. On the other hand...Z looked like a great dane that just found a meaty bone buried in her back yard. But...the RA camp is a good one, here's hoping they are able to remedy whatev was up and she moves forward on April ...fingers crossed.

The_Knight_Sky said...

I remember Nihilator was breathtaking at The Big M when I was just starting out.

As for the Big Z. Yes she remains perfect but I thought I saw a grinding effort in the stretch. Just because she won the race doesn't mean that she's not feeling effects from the race as of today.

Too much too soon. There used to be a time when thoroughbreds would get a one turn sprint prep race before attempting two turns. Now it's all about "rest" then "instant gratification".

Well because of that philosophy:
Now comes more rest.

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