Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Ray Cotolo's Hot Dog Stunt Elicits Strong Industry Reaction

We'll all remember Memorial Day '24 because of the Met Mile as the day Ray Cotolo dressed up like a hot dog. 

I highly doubt Andy Serling or Mark Patterson could pull off that look, but Ray, well, it's like he's worn that outfit his entire life. 

Industry reaction was swift. The Nancy Takter stable twitter feed was none too impressed. 

Reactions ran the gamut. Some were confused, some perplexed, some mad, some hopeful, some called for generational change. 

"This triggered me", wrote Inside the Pylons on X formerly known as whatever. "I gave my life to dressing up as Hoosier Buddy each and every day and was fired mercilessly. It brings back horrible memories."

"I'm just glad it knocked the story about the stewards getting their race distances from a cartoon image on the program out of the headlines", typed an unnamed NYRA exec. 

"I love hot dogs" wrote Nick Salvi. 

"Ray had to be on Lasix because he was out of his mind, which is why it needs to be banned" said the Jockey Club. 

"This was a bold statement, a reminder in the world we live in. Harness racing is existential, a part of our being. I think Plato wrote ...." typed Tinky before getting cut off because he forgot to pay for this month's blue checkmark. 

"Our sport has to be professional and this wasn't it. I am outraged" typed an unnamed harness driver, who just last night moved over to let his buddy up the rail, changing the outcome for $115,432 of bettor money that was wagered on the race. 

"I don't like this sort of thing," said trainer Bob Baffert. 

"I'm just going to retweet DeRosa's reaction," noted Nico via DM. 

"Mangled horses are rumoured to be in hot dogs" said Joe Drape in an Op/Ed in the New York Times.

"I don't know how this type of publicity grows the sport," typed Alix Earle on Instagram. 

"This is way worse for the sport than how some jocks not named me force their way out of a hole and put the horse into the hot dog cart on the tarmac", said Irad Ortiz junior. 

"This is exactly why I want to expand the Bet with the Best podcast to live video" said Chris Larmey. 

"As your commissioner I have a bold statement to make after I ask Pat Cummings what he thinks," noted Mike Repole. 

"This is why racing needs HISA" noted HISA. 

"Thank god I don't broadcast racing anymore", DM'd Michelle Beadle.

"Racing is dead" typed Ed DeRosa.

"Racing is dead" typed Nico.

Those are some notes from the heavy hitters. As for small hitters like me, thank goodness Ray Cotolo is a part of this sport. Jeff Gural dressed as a hot dog just won't cut it. 

Have a nice day everyone. 


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bldg_sci_dev_NJ said...

I followed Ray's X account when I saw him doing his Oak Grove race reviews. I believed he was talented enough to give a chance. I had to unfollow it after some of his posts were juvenile at best. His social media idols should be Joey Swoll or Chef Reactions not a dime store Jackass ripoff. He should working smarter to get himself over IMO...

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