Thursday, May 23, 2024

Can AI Kill All the Wagering Value?

I ain't no AI expert. Sometimes I can't even get the microwave to work right. But, Microsoft's presentation on AI this week was a barnburner. 

One graph caught my eye. 

That curve is kind of staggering. 

What we see today in this space is different from what we'll see in like ten minutes. 

In horse racing we've seen less and less meat on the bone due to the power of computing, some very sharp math people, and the assorted groups they've built. Now this?

There are a great many factors in horse racing particularly where we can still find value, and I'd proffer that we lean on these more and more outside the algo space. However, with this kind of learning power, those too should be modelable. 

Then what's left?

A first time starter the models were not on won the first at Gulfstream. There's some getting while the getting's good at least. Have a nice Thursday everyone. 

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