Churchill Downs Withholds Signal & The Meadowlands Super High Five

Good morning everyone!

I am getting emails from players informing me that Churchill Downs Inc has withheld their signal to (at least one) ADW. I will dig a little deeper into this to see what's been happening (edit - just got a note saying "CDI might not be the bogeyman here").

Churchill is in a unique position of owning or controlling several racetracks as well as a national ADW (Twinspires).

Players have long-complained that they need more than one ADW account to play all tracks, and this is another example of that. Churchill, its tracks and properties, have been under a boycott by the Horseplayers Association of North America, since spring, when they raised takeout. That boycott continues. For more information, you can visit 

On the flipside of the coin, the Gural-owned Meadowlands has bowed to demand and created a new Super High Five. Rather than go with the egregious 50%+ effective rake route like many have with jackpot bets, they start with a seed, an 8% rake and a 25% hold.

For an analysis of that bet in HRU, please click here (pdf page 5) 

Enjoy your Friday folks. 

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Horseplayersgettheshaft said...

Frank Stronach is also in the same unique position (he owns tracks, has a national ADW and also controls content sales for other tracks as well, just like CDI), and his group has also started to withhold content from some ADWs.


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