The Tale of Two Marketing Strategies Speaks Volumes

Racing, gambling game or sport? That question really doesn't matter much, although everyone seems to love wringing their hands over it.

Football is a sport, racing is a sport, but gambling happens on both.

The resellers of each product in the betting space are as a betting game only, but they sure have different strategies.

Pinnaclesports is an online sportsbook that's been around forever, and its been extremely successful.

Here's a snapshot of their marketing on the web.

Meanwhile, over at Xpressbet, a horse betting medium ....

Pinnacle knows exactly who it is and what it does. They market accordingly. 

Racing has an identity crisis, along with the simple fact that with high juice it has trouble attracting the same clientele Pinnacle attracts.  

I certainly am not picking on Xpressbet, or any other reseller. They're trying to attract eyeballs in a gambling game with fewer and fewer of them and are using any means necessary. It is what it is.

Is horse racing a gambling game or sport?  If you look at the marketing, I don't think anyone knows. 


Tinky said...

Excellent juxtaposition, Dean.

Anonymous said...

What's really amazing is they're not good at either. And they never have been.

That Blog Guy said...

As a person who looks as racing as a sport with gambling second, even I can tell Xpressbet what they should be doing. Unless they are giving away tickets to a major event such as the Derby or Hambletonian, they should be sticking to the gambling. Leave the fan stuff to the tracks, that is where it belongs (along with the gambling).

When I go to Betfair for the Exchange or TV for regular wagering, it is to gamble. I get my fan fix elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Race marketing fails partly because the people have few positives to work with and little influence with the managers/owners to change things.

If your job is to promote racing, what do you say about the time between races? "Try to solve the mystery of never knowing when the race will start even though television graphics display "0 MTP."

What about takeout? "Where else can you make a $10 bet that's really a $7 bet? Try racing."


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