Baffert and "That's Not Right".

A quote surfaced on the twitter yesterday, presumably told to Steve Byk by Arrogate's trainer Bob Baffert:

Ray Arsenault (congrats Ray) competed in the NHC this weeekend and took home the big prize.

Bob Baffert's horse (congrats Bob) won the Pegasus World Cup and took home the big prize.

Both prizes - Bob's $700k and Ray's $800k - were derived from exactly the same sources.

Ray took the lion's share of the purse provided by other horseplayers who contributed to the NHC purse pool.

Bob took the lion's share of the trainer money provided by horse owners who contributed to the Pegasus Cup purse pool.

It's certainly "right". It's rudimentary math.

If Bob wants to make more than Ray next year, he can. He just has to get 12 horse owners to put more money into the prize pool. Whoever wins next year's NHC can do the same thing.

Have a nice Tuesday everyone.

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