"Breaking Down" the Horse Racing Public

There's been a lot of chatter - rightfully so - about the Santa Anita issues. There are myriad topics to discuss, and it doesn't look like these conversations are going to end any time soon.

Last night I wondered just what, if anything, we're seeing overall with the headlines.

Using google trends, there's been a stout recent spike on searches for "horse deaths".  This should not be surprising. (note - I'll let these pictures go into the margin, which allows you to read them without clicking the picture).

When we look at the states and breakout searches, again it's not eye-opening. The horse racing epicenter is clearly paying attention.

If we scan the historical searches for Santa Anita Park, we do see at least something interesting; something that's standardized. News searches for "Santa Anita" -

Through Breeders' Cups, Triple Crown winners, stakes racing, and all the rest, the biggest news to come out of Santa Anita Park the last five years are the breakdowns.

But, what's this story in the grand scheme of things in terms of the general public? Maybe not as big as we think. Here's California Chrome versus Santa Anita searches, on the same graph and scale.

Make no mistake, this is a huge story (just search google news last night after the breakdown was reported). And the story has massive political risk to horse racing in California, and elsewhere. But, perhaps, the public is desensitized to issues like this, and those who are interested are more of the rubbernecker variety.

Have a nice Monday everyone.

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