Friday, January 28, 2022

Gambler Rants & Appeasing the Betting Customer

I saw the press release from the Meadowlands today. As most know, they are trying to improve their on-track product - eliminating courtesy tucks, rail openings in the stretch, etc - to make it a better spectating and gambling game. 

In contrast, I got this note from a long time horseplayer and owner who concentrates on the WEG circuit. He's like one of those dudes who would be sitting outside at Greenwood five nights a week. As most know (just check twitter) the WEG product has been suffering for some time, and tucks and various rules are more guidelines.  

Here you go (language warning if you're so inclined):

  • At this point racing actually needs some radical changes and there's no way WEG has that type of an agenda on the docket, they are oblivious to any problems and simply don't understand their own business, in reality it's questionable if there is a collective will to initiate any real change. It seems unlikely the inertia needed for a directional change could gather a headwind, the people running the show see no problem and make money, the commission that polices the sport has no one (ie WEG) pushing them to enforce any of the rule violations that have become ubiquitous, the Horse people are generally contented with what suits their individual needs and has no understanding how it pertains to the customer, the drivers have absolutely no desire to change anything, NONE, the race office seems to have a singular goal, to get the draw done as quickly as possible...which leaves the bettor who's on a remote island populated by other bettors, they can jump up and down, and scream, and yell but they're only jumping and screaming and yelling to each's a remote fucking island. How can anything change if WEG ignores these remote island fuckers? Why should ACGO play the tough guy when WEG who handles every dollar wagered on racing in this country could care less? Why would the drivers want ANYTHING changed? A hole for everyone, room up the rail when you need it and so on. Horse people would prefer 5 horse fields of the easiest competition for big purses. The Race Office wants to get the draw done by noon and they don't care how many conditions they add to a class or who they open it up for. The worst part is that if you actually try to initiate any change you basically have every faction screaming bloody murder...except the starving motherfuckers on that remote island, where's their sunshine?
If you want to know the state of the every day customer, I hope that sheds some light on what they've been noticing. 

Similarly, one of the races that adds to the above commentary happened last week and it was looked at in an HRU column here. @shottakingtime had a tweet featured in it, and we all know if Buck noticed it must be bad, because he doesn't seem to pay attention to anything but the latest Massachusetts scratcher news and Sam Houston. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and for those braving the storm in the north east, well, I'm from the Tundra and we call that Saturday. But stay safe and warm!

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