Thursday, January 26, 2023

Could HBO's Luck Have Actually Worked?

Blast from the past here, but for those who remember the ill-fated horse racing series Luck, a headline came across the twitter today about another show, Yellowstone. 

It appears that this Paramount program has done some good for Montana's economy. The most interesting stat to me from the University of Montana study, was that over 1 million tourists have visited the big sky state due to the show. If even half true, that's certainly something. 

Way back in 2012, Luck was a hot topic in the sport. While I was never one of the people who thought a Triple Crown champ, or horses on cereal boxes would increase horse racing's popularity, the HBO show did give me pause. I thought there was something there. Each week Dan Needham (a sharp guy who is now off twitter) was wholly convinced it would move the needle. He, as some may remember, held a weekly Luck chat on twitter each airing. 

Could Luck for horse racing have been what a Yellowstone has apparently done for Montana? We'll never know. But maybe there was something there. 

Have a nice Thursday everyone. 

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