Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can Racing Be That Far Behind?

"Harrah's Entertainment, the world's biggest casino chain, is pressuring Iowa lawmakers to end live greyhound racing and is willing to pay the state millions to see it happen." says today's story in the Des Moines Register.

It has been said again and again that sooner or later horse racing must show ROI on its own, or it will be culled. At many jurisdictions it does not. Although it sounds pretty strange, since we are all horse racing nuts, not dog racing nuts, it does not take a huge leap of logic to see this item be replicated for some harness and thoroughbred tracks in the next decade.

Slot tracks need to lower their takeout and put money into the customer soon, in my opinion. Today's "far-out-can't-happen-to-us" story, might be tomorrow's reality.

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Gordon Lawrence said...

So True.

Please see this recent article in the New York Times:

As New Jersey Tightens Its Belt, the Racing Industry Holds Its Breath


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