Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pick 6 carryover at the Big M, and Low Take Pick 4's

Tonight there is a $96,000 carryover at the Meadowlands Pick 6 pool. It's probably time to play. Depending on the weather, one could expect the pool to reach $300,000 tonight.

For more information, some analysis and sample tickets, click here.

As most know, Balmoral Park (and Maywood) have lowered their pick 4 to a 15% takeout. Here are some sample numbers about what you can score when these tracks lower their takeout.

Sunday, January 31 Pick Four at Balmoral

Old payoff $8,984.90 New payoff $10,182.90

Added winnings of $1,198

Wednesday February 3 Pick 4 at Meadowlands

Old payoff $7,821.70 New payoff $8,864.70

Added winnings of $1,043

Thursday February 4 Pick 4 at Meadowlands

Old payoff $7,624.50 New payoff $8,641.40

Added winnings of $1,016

It is important to note for Canadian readers: You can not get these rates here in Canada at Woodbine, or through their ADW. Those 15% takeouts are jacked up, to (I think) 25% or more. So beware; you will get lower payoffs at the old, or worse than the old rates.


Cangamble said...

Thinking out of the box for a second, I think that racetracks should specifically state in their ADW or track to track contracts that the guest track must pay what the host track pays.
How many people in Canada now are avoiding certain California bets for instance because Woodbine jacks up the takeout (I think it might be to 27%).
It certainly hurts California's bottom line when bettors are doing this.

confused ice fisherman said...

Ok I just read both P6 winners were won in Canada .$131,000 each .So it's not 15% it's 25% .So who gets what? Meadowlands 15% and 10% goes where and to who ?

Pull the Pocket said...

Confused Fisherman on Ice,

I'm not sure, but let me take a stab:

You head to the middle of the lake to go ice fishing. You work your butt off augering the hole, spend $30 on minnows, and $8 on a bottle of cheap hooch. You catch four fish, and then you land a really big one. You pull up your line and you have a nine pound pike. You place it on the ice and then turn around to rebait your line to keep fishing. While you are doing that, a muskrat comes behind you and steals a couple of your fish.

Now, switching that to racing, I think (I am not sure, but I think): You are the guy who hit the big one so you get to keep some of those fish (the pick 6). The Meadowlands gets the fee you spent on minnows and hooch that let you catch those fish. And Woodbine? They are the muskrat that didn't really do anything to land them but still ended up with two of your fish.

That's the best I can do.


Pull the Pocket said...

PS: I am not sure they were hit through HPI, or what happened with the 20% pick 6. HPI lists the pick 6 payoff the same as the M: 131.500, which is strange.

The 15% pick 4 paid this at the M:

$1 Pick 4 (Pool $101,888) (1-1-6-10) $4,605.90

At Woodbine:

$1 Pick 4 1 / 1 / 6 / 10 (4 of 4) $4,064.05

So if you hit it up here you gave like $600 to the muskrat.

(BTW, good job Meadowlands. $100,000 in the pick 4 pool on Saturday. Horseplayers are responding to that bet.)

Cangamble said...

I don't think HPI ramps up the Pick 6's. It would be too embarrassing(well, bad press anyway) for them if someone hit a real big one in California for instance.

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