Tuesday, March 30, 2010

$300 Million Bettor

It is rare to see a $300M bettor in the public eye, but Sam McKee and the Meadowlands snagged the interesting interview.


The_Knight_Sky said...

I just watched part 1.
I'll be back for part 2.

Has this gentleman and his staff been documented elsewhere in the new media?

That Blog Guy said...

Very interesting interview. This interview also explains why we need to get out out of the everyone on the gate, one mile only. Varying the races and more betting interests will get the big bettors looking at harness racing more.

As for Robin Schadt; quite a backhanded compliment.

Alpha Link said...

His action is the whole WEG handle for a year, roughly. While I applaud his contribution to the pools, it's a bit disconcerting thinking of him as an opponent. My testicles have ascended and may never come down again.

Cangamble said...

Night Sky, just google Dana Parham and you will find a few articles.
At least we now know why odds drop late most of the time on contenders.
At least when they drop on horses I pick, I now have the comfort of knowing that a multi million dollar bettor found value in my play.

Pull the Pocket said...


I have $100. If you have $100, then we have $200.

If we can churn that a couple of million times we will be kicking his ass in no time.

Let's roll.


Anonymous said...

For the most part.. he talks about the same things we talk about.
Racetracks going against eachother at post times, the bad pools to bet into, etc.
I found it really interesting that he mentioned Flammy was a place that he bet. Mind you he said he only spent peanuts there.. like 900 a day(lol)..but still.
Good interview.. I would love that guy to get like a 25 minute interview on PTP?!?
Do they do interviews on PTP?
Maybe they should start?
If guys like Gangle and Howe can put up numbers like they do, I'm sure Deano could accomplish the same, if not better!

best regards,


Imagine if Dana's only way to watch racing was through HPI?
LOL.. I have 30 thousand to win on the 4 horse.. the race was over 12 minutes ago, but I will see it on tape coming up next.
I would what he would say about templates with tomorrow's racing schedule on the screen while all kinds of live action going on and people with money in their accounts

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