NYRA Jobs Jerry Bossert Shouldn't Apply For

Yesterday we got some up close and personal views of Aqueduct Racetrack from the New York Daily News racing writer Jerry Bossert. This was summarized by the lovely and talented Sid Fernando on his blog right here, so give it a read if you need some background.

This got me thinking. With all the jobs being advertised at NYRA, here are a few that I think he has no shot at. It's just my opinion. If Jerry wants to apply, I would not discourage him. But I simply think they're not likely.

- "The New "CSO" - Chief Shilling Officer". Probably not a good fit for Jerry.

- "Weekly guest on At the Races With Steve Byk." Seriously, no shot Jerry.

- "Signal Fee Crane Operator". No way. Jerry likes variety, so going up all day will make him really, really mad.

- "Admission Booth Operator". There's a good chance Jerry will let every third person in free to protest the admission fee hike. Not a match.

- "Feel Good Press Release writer." This is doubtful, and that's sad, because it would be pretty cool to read the following in a release. "Belmont Stakes Purse Raised $500,000, But No Money For Toilets."

- Toys R Us Greeter - Not sure why this job is listed, but I think it's a "no"

- "Manager of the replace "bettor" or "gambler" with "guest" in all NYRA literature department". Although Jerry is good with words and English and stuff (being a writer), this sounds monotonous.

As Sid wrote today: "His comments resonated on many levels. At a minimum, it’s somewhat shocking whenever racing journalists for major publications unload buckshot these days, mainly because jobs like Bossert’s are rare to begin with and kissing ass is de rigueur for keeping them", it makes me think Jerry is right where he belongs. He should probably get a raise.

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Anonymous said...

Jerry bossert must be one of those "naysayers" steve byk is always talking about.


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