Monday, November 7, 2016

The Post Breeders' Cup Pop Quiz

We saw, we came, Arrogate conquered.

Test your memory of the happenings on the weekend with the 9th Annual Post-Breeders' Cup Pop Quiz!

The attendance numbers at the Breeders Cup were tabulated by:

a) Paid attendance numbers
b) Paid attendance numbers + an error variable for fence jumpers
c) Hot dogs sold extrapolation formulas
d) Finding the estimate of how many showed up to the Cubs World Series parade, and doubling it

English jockey Ryan Moore walked the Santa Anita turf course on Thursday and had trouble finding:

a) The best path
b) A good angle to take for the apex for the first turn
c) A single blade of grass

The Beholder-Songbird photo was taken by:

a) The Santa Anita photo computer, accurate to one one trillionth of a millimetre
b) A high speed canon, with frame speed used to photograph Usain Bolt.
c) A barn cat

Arrogate's top-shelf Classic run is being compared to:

a) Sunday Silence's takedown of Easy Goer
b) Alysheba-Ferdinand
c) Zenyatta's thrilling 2009 Classic win
d) Allison Janney's Academy Award winning performance in Seabiscuit

This is a photo of the press:

a) Watching the Olympics
b) In the New York Times lunchroom, cheering the new Hillary polls
c) Seeing the free donut man come up the stairs
d) None of the above. If you are writing about horse racing, you like horse racing
The new turf maintenance man at Santa Anita came over from:

a) Belmont
b) Laurel
c) Kentucky Downs
d) Sam's Billiards

The saddest news to come out of the Classic was:

a) Chrome lost
b) The handle was down from last year
c) Keen Ice ruined many people's trifectas
d) Arrogate has been retired to stud because "he's done enough"

The Turf course was so hard that:

a) Other hard objects orbited around it
b) Donald Trump called it soft, but actually issued a press release saying he was wrong
c) Andy Asaro protested because there's apparently another synthetic surface in California
d) Highland Reel went 2:23

Frank Stronach called the Classic:

a) One of the best races he's ever seen
b) Better than the Kentucky Derby
c) A world class event Santa Anita should be proud of
d) Not bad, considering it has half the purse of the Pegasus World Cup

Steve Coburn's prediction that California Chrome was a lock were made :

a) in haste
b) in homage to the great horse he once owned
c) by his imposter that Charlie Davis found

Enjoy your Monday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Sam's Billiards is the greatest one-liner ever!!
Thanks for the Monday laughs.

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