Cub Reporter - The Horse Racing Deep State Tries to Sink the Beemie Awards

"It all started with a tweet last night", said Cub Reporter via email this morning.
This signal, notes Cub, caught his eye, and when the floodgates opened, he knew he had a story.

You've all seen the new BuzzfeedRacing's headline blared across your computer screens.

"Report: Beem Caught With Golden Showers, Young Woman, Food at Secret Beemie After Party"

"That was fake news," notes the gumshoe reporter. "I contacted Beem, and he told me that after the Beemie Awards he went to Golden Corral with Carly Kay Kaiser and ate at the buffet. He even sent pictures. The roast beef looks delicious."

Since that time evidence is piling up.

Mark - Sham I am Not on twitter - helps with the ceremony:

"I woke up this morning and logged on twitter and saw my name was changed to 'Sham I Am'.  I emailed twitter support and they sent an email back. It turns out my name was changed by a hacker. All I have is a partial email address of the would-be infiltrator - a**xwaldr*p@NT*"

"I'm on it", said Sham I Am Not.

Those who enjoyed the Beemie Awards are starting to report some very odd things.

Candice Curtis found a Breyer horse's head in her bed.

"It scared me," she said.

Sid Fernando got mailed five copies of The Art of the Deal, by Donald Trump's ghostwriter.

"Someone is sending a message," he told Cub.

Greg Reinhart received five rejection letters from potential horse racing employers.

"I usually get five a week, not five a day," the Cowboys fan said via email of the ominous anomaly.

"Maybe that's why I didn't win Best Twitter Fight again this year," said former minor league baseball star Andy Asaro.

Yesterday, the Beemie Awards trended on twitter, which is not news, it usually does. But that it trended at exactly the same time as Baby Hitler did spark the ire of some.

"This is a deep state technique..... linking your name with a guy who is really bad. Those anti-Trump libs are transparent and easy to figure out, unlike say me", said Fox host Sean Hannity, who googled "Deep State" last night, saw this piece, missed the point entirely, but wanted to have his voice heard.

Even the Pull the Pocket Blog is noticing unusual activity. Usually half the traffic comes from Russian bots, but today it's up to three quarters. Of course, this is good for business because of all the advertising revenue, but it's nonetheless worrisome.

"It appears - and the evidence continues to come in - that horse racing wants the Beemie Awards shut down", cautions Cub. "First it was that scrappy little site who posted race results, next it was Derby Wars, next it was Kentucky Derby Futures. Now, it's clear - The Deep Horse Racing State is coming for the Beemies."

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