Wednesday, February 12, 2020

@multiracewagers Checks Out & Assorted Takes

Good Wednesday everyone.

If you've been following some of the NHC chatter on twitter (opinion that primarily was about the value, or lack of, in playing the tournament, or satellites) you've probably noticed a little tension; tension that included a type of "misanthrope" moment from some in the industry this week.

One person who never minces words, especially when it comes to the treatment of players (and was near the center of it), is was Multiracewagers. He sent a note today that I share below:

"In June 2011, I started on Twitter and created Multiracewagers given my passion for all things horse racing. It was the greatest puzzle that was out there to be solved on a day to day basis. However, at this point I’ve realized that day has passed and is never coming back. Small fields, crooked trainers, jackpot bets, and the absurdly poor treatment of customers is the reason I want absolutely zero to do with the sport including this twitter handle. Sure, I may dabble in a BCBC, but in terms of knowing what is going on w/ the sport on a day to day basis, I couldn't care less.

 I am thankful for the people I have become friends with and the stories we shared, but it’s time to say enough is enough. The NHC and people defending a 65% takeout on online Q’s was the most egregious example of idiocy, that unfortunately, I have learned to expect in this industry. Yes, I have called out a lot of the bad actors in the industry. However, I have always tried to help players understand the game and improve the weaknesses in their game. At the end of the day, I hope you have enjoyed my unfiltered takes on the industry as it barrels headfirst into the abyss with unfounded arrogance.

Thankfully, I have found DFS to be more compelling and lucrative. I am fortunate to have found my lifeboat to get off the sinking ship. Good luck finding your lifeboat, the time you will need it is quickly approaching.

Garett Skiba/Multiracewagers"

I won't share a detailed opinion on tournaments because they are simply not my bailiwick, but I can't help but sense a pattern. It seems virtually everything the sport does somehow involves a degradation of end-user value.

Over the past several years:
  • Raise Takeout, Check
  • Short Fields, Check
  • Jackpot Bets, Check
  • Overtax Exchanges in Jersey, Check
  • Add Takeout to Existing U.S. Takeouts at Woodbine putting an entire country at a disadvantage, Check
  • Destroy Rebates for the Smaller Player, Check
  • Destroy Competition Through Signal Fee Policy, Check
  • And now, as it appears, Tax Tournies at a Usurious Rate, Check
Without malice or bias, let me ask you a question. 

If McKinsey was hired by the sport and asked "What can racing do to eliminate handle and customer growth?", would they not come back with this exact list?

I'm sure our sport wants to grow. The industry people calling Garett and others mistanthropes surely wants it to. But don't they realize they're doing this wrong?

Have a nice day everyone. 

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