Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sure, Clean it Up With Triple Cherries

If you want to learn something during the nascent stages of the #racingvirus, who better to turn to than POTUS.

Racing subsidies, under fire in places like Pennsylvania, are formidable in this sport totalling - last I checked - hundreds of millions of dollars. And that's recurring, not one-time revenue. There's certainly no need to go cap in hand if you're looking for revenue to "better the sport" is there?

These funds are under contract, but it doesn't mean the money can't be shuffled around. And, talk about putting governments on defence when you frame the argument to change the agreements about protecting animals.

For 25 years the sport has clung to slot money like a two year old to a teddy bear. Do you want to use some for marketing? For takeout reductions? For television exposure? No, we need it for purses is always the answer.

Well, here's another good way to use some of that triple cherry cash. It might actually work.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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