Friday, March 20, 2020

The Racing Hiatus

It's Friday - the weekend! - where the tracks are ready to fire-up some serious betting entertainment.

As we know, that's primarily not the case, and just last evening Woodbine announced they're closing up shop for the time being. They've been a staple, and as much as I am critical of their betting policy towards customers, I praise their corporate governance in keeping the track open so many people can keep the lights on.

I am not one to be critical of politicians and policy makers when there are so many unknown variables in the beginning of a crisis not of their making. And that goes for politicians I - like some of you - am not overly fond of in North America right now. Everyone's a genius looking backwards, especially in the banality of a twitter mob. So, looking forward, I think the current question being asked, "how can we close things", will need to be replaced with "how can we keep things open".  That, I believe, is inevitable critical thinking.

Racetracks are something - under current federal guidelines in Canada and the US - which can safely be open, if not now, most likely very soon. Let's hope it can be accomplished sooner rather than later, because how can we stay closed is yesterday's question, not tomorrow's.

Cangamble started the morning off with a funny today.
If ITP was here he'd do the Tony Soprano Bingo Gif. We know that during the hiatus this won't happen. This is priority 2,540, like it always has been. And I think we all know that racing will come back under the exact same policy before this all happened. But I love his optimism wishful thinking.

What are you doing as tracks die down, and a good lot of you horse racing gamblers are home?

I heard from one friend who is working up his database for DFS. Another - an old friend who professionally gambles that can't right now but still knows a thing or two about horse racing - is playing the races (at the tracks we have left). I am planning - if work slows - to database some of the trainer results since "Servis-Navarro Gate" to see if someone's horses are being raced cold. I'm also looking at my (so far not very good) ROI numbers for 2020. What am I screwing up?

This sure was all pretty unexpected. A few months ago in the US there were 7 million jobs offered, and 5 million unemployed. My professional gambing friends were gambling, my professional horse racing betting friends (all two of you) were betting the horses. People were hotwalking and jogging, training and entering. A few, after the indictments, were looking forward to a level playing field, at least for a little while. Boy, how fast things can change.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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