Monday, May 4, 2020

The Elusive Scheduling of Post Times, Not So Elusive?

On April 22 Brian DiDonato wrote an article published in the TDN about Oaklawn and Gulfstream post times overlapping, "With Just Two Tracks Running Post Times Still Collide". It shared a emblematic picture that angers so many, so often.

The story contained quite a few quotes about how difficult it is, even for these two tracks, to schedule off times. Tractors on the track, horses getting loose, Equibase, and each other were all blamed. The problem seemed overwhelming.

Fast-forwarding a couple of weeks, Michael Antoniades sent me an email about Arkansas Derby Day noting the off times:

GP - Gulfstream Park
OP - Oaklawn Park

Saturday post times May 2 ET

GP1. 12:52
OP1. 1:05
GP2. 1:22
OP2. 1:36
GP3. 1:52
OP3. 2:07
GP4. 2:21
OP4. 2:42
GP5. 2:53
OP5. 3:13
GP6. 3:23
OP6. 3:46
GP7. 3:58
OP7. 4:20
GP8. 4:30
OP8. 4:53
GP9. 5:06
OP9. 5:25
GP10. 5:37
OP10. 5:59
GP11. 6:09
OP11. 6:36. Derby
GP12. 6:46
OP12. 7:11. Handicap
OP13. 7:52. Derby
OP14. 8:34

When confronted with a problem the sport seems to so often anti-Harry Truman it; with bucks stopping everywhere but where intended. However, when it comes right down to it, in practice perhaps some of the problems are not as insurmountable as we think.

Thanks for the email Mike. Good job Gulfstream and Oaklawn. And have a nice rest of the day everyone.

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