Thursday, November 4, 2021

Are You a Fan or a Bettor? Breeders' Cup Edition

 Ya, those of us who primarily bet are fans and bettors. We own horses, love watching the greats and get chills when we see a great performance. 

But, if you haven't done at least a couple of these over the years at the Breeders' Cup, you're definitely not a bettor. 

Plus, we have to keep the whole "we don't care about the sport narrative", so let's not disappoint!

You're definitely a bettor if:

  • You watch the Breeders' Cup in a little box on your slow HP laptop, instead of the network coverage on your 89 inch Samsung. 
  • Jackie's Warrior is winning by 12, going speed we have never seen before on his way to a 125 Beyer we'll be talking about for a hundred years, and you're oblivious as your eyes are trained on Aloha West, begging him to hold onto 4th for your $0.80 superfecta. 
  • A human interest story comes on NBC and you immediately flip your PP's to Delta Downs to see if you can sniff out a bet in the upcoming $2,000 claimer. 
  • An analyst comes on telling viewers how much they hate Mo Forza but they want to use him defensively and the first thing you do is check @insidethepylons' twitter feed 
  • The race concludes and you have the tri. But they're interviewing an owner who's sharing the story about how as a foal this horse was tangled in a fence and now is a Cup champion after being nursed back to health by a little girl who needed a friend and you yell: "SHOW ME THE DAMN PRICES!". 
  • There's rumors swirling in the third leg of the pick 5 that the seven is being secretly trained by Jason Servis and is owned by people on FBI wiretaps. There's a head bob at the wire with a colt who is owned by the nicest people in the world who are down on their luck. Since there's  $14,387 in pick 5 money alive on Servis and $1.50 more alive on the feel-good horse, you're praying Jason's horse got there. 
  • You bet $100 on Gamine and she's running goofy again and herds Cee Cee 18 paths, almost into the hot dog stand on the apron, and you run to post on twitter that "they'd let this go at NYRA"
  • Firenze Fire is toiling in a battle for 5th and tries to eat three horses and a track photographer but you don't notice because you didn't bet a super high five. 
  • A dude with $490,980 in bankroll who's lapping the field in the BCBC is interviewed and you make fun of him for not liking a horse you cashed on. 
  • Some horse from South America with 18 Beyers just knocked you out of the pick 6 but you convince yourself you liked the horse and it was simply an oversight. 
  • You're keyed to Medina Spirit for a ten K score and when the Baffert interview comes on you say to yourself, "I hope he wins because the man has gone through enough"
  • The races conclude on Saturday, you've made $1,400 so you decide that you're an expert at Mohawk. 
Have a great BC weekend everyone and good luck. 

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