Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Harness Edge is Up & Slots & Coyotes

This month's Harness Edge, the online harness magazine is up. The Christmas issue is always neat because it is filled with ads of industry insiders wishing each other a happy holiday.

This month the story that caught my eye was the one on All Speed Hanover, the two year old Breeders Crown champ. He is perhaps the least hyped two year old I have ever seen, but arguably the best.

Click here to enter the magazine if you'd like to read it.

There is still some major lobbying going on in Jersey for slots. There is a new governor there and maybe something positive happens. I am usually indifferent to slots being approved since for so long they have hurt handles. But for Jersey I have a sneaky feeling the Monmouth, Meadowlands and others might actually do something with the cash windfall other than throw it into purses. It's also funny to me that I think there will be a slot machine at the Meadowlands before Aqueduct. Funny of course because slots are approved in New York. They just can't get out of their own way.

Further to our rabbits post below where a driver and a horse got into a minor accident due to Bugs and friends, there is some follow up. And the follow up includes more animal stories. It turns out that there are about 20 rabbits in the infield of the track. In past years there were not too many at all because (if you are a PETA type do not continue reading) there was a coyote in the infield and he ate them. But the coyote (again don't read this PETA folks) had to be put down last season because he was "following staff out to the parking lot." Full story of rabbits, coyotes and Northlands Park here.

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That Blog Guy said...

Being from New Jersey, I wish I could share your optimism. At present, the best I can forsee is a continuation of a purse supplement from the casino industry. The editorial you referenced is from a newspaper that is relatively close to Freehold Raceway and horse country; that is why they talk about VLTs in Central Jersey.

That being said, Trotpac was a huge contributor to Christie's campaign so they may hold sway with the Governor but the legislature is being controlled by South Jersey leadership.

Should NJ be fortunate to get VLTs, rest assured it will be like elsewhere; used for purses.

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