Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jackpot Syndicates

One thing (among many, like some excellent fish) the Swedes have over us is the V75. The jackpot pick 7 is sold weekly throughout Sweden and has an average total prize pool of $15M per week. This bet is of course on harness racing, in a country pretty mad for it.

One thing big pool bets do is allow for syndicates. In the US and Canada, archaic betting laws tend to frown upon these syndicates, which I believe is a major reason we do not see our game more mainstream.

Here is an example of a syndicate for the V75 in Australia. It gives lotto minded people a chance to play a simple bet, and perhaps walk away with a whole lot of money.

It is something that the industry should look into here in North America more and more in my opinion.

I guess this gives me time to place up my favorite horse racing commercial ever. It is not for a race, or a horse, or a movie. It is for a harness racing bet - the V75. Now we're talking.


That Blog Guy said...

This actually exemplifies the fact we are ignoring the casual bettor/fan. Yes, you may get them to play a V75 or a Pick 6, but once they realize what are the odds of them collecting on one of these bets on their budget, you lose them and they are back to the reality of looking at their smaller payoffs; perhaps looking at odds on favorites playing win.

These Pick-4+ wagers do nothing to attract new players. This is why I argue we need to get wagers like a double quiniella. Let's say it is a $1 wager. If you boxed three horses in each half, you are looking at a $6 wager. Sur, you are not looking at five or six figure pay off. But you have the potential of a middle to high three figure or low four figure pay off. That is something that can get a casual gambler or fan interested and then who knows? They may become your regular gambler.

Freddy said...

A friend asked me to join his. Honestly Im not sure. Maybe I will.

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