Entertaining Meadowlands Pace Elims

The three Meadowlands Pace eliminations are in the books.

Elimination one went to the NA Cup chalk who rebounded back to form with a convincing score. The second elimination's fave - Rockin Image - lived up to expectation with a nice easy victory. In the last elim, one of our blog faves - OK Commander- converted at a nice 9-1 price. Sportswriter was an almost bizarre overbet at 2-5, but made the final as the fastest fourth place finisher.

We are seeing something that has happened several times the last few years in this division. Sometimes horses are sharp and sometimes they are not, and this year there is no standout. It's been a real crapshoot to bet, but you can get some prices. If anyone is under 2-1 next week, in my opinion, they are overbet.

Next weeks final looks like it will be a good one. All three elim winners are good horses.

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