No One to Blame But Ourselves

The Paulick Report today reported that trainer Darrel Delahoussaye "was arrested by State Police Wednesday morning and charged with several felonies and misdemeanors alleging theft by deception, illegally administering drugs to racehorses, rigging a publicly exhibited contest and tampering with physical evidence."

This particular trainer, in 1998 " used an “appliance other than whip for the purpose of stimulating speed.” The appliance was described in court documents as a “wooden stick with stripped electrical cords stuck to it.” A veterinarian and two assistants testified seeing a horse at Beulah Park “jump two or three feet in the air” and then witnessed Delahoussaye unplugging an electrical cord from the wall."

This is our fault. If I was found to have mistreated a dog the courts would never allow me to own a dog again. In racing, he is let back in our sport, with open arms.

If we can not boot people out forever who electrocute racehorses to make them go fast, who in the hell will we ever ban from this game?

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That Blog Guy said...

Actually, blame to racing commissions who allow these people to return after getting caught for major offenses.

I am just amazed about those who get a $100 fine for lying on an application about an arrest record and then are licensed. It may be a minor offense, but we license people who lie on their applications? What kind of message is that sending?


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