Big M Opens & Some Funny Stuff by Davidowitz

The Big M opened last evening with a pretty decent card. It was not a card like the old days (it's almost impossible now with two slot tracks nearby) but it was decent nonetheless.

Some notes:

The chatter about closing holes and pulling and moving was not just chatter. The drivers seemed to take this seriously. I am not overly concerned about tucks (I think a tuck encourages the outside horses to leave, rather than pulling back because they can't get a hole), but it was nice to see drivers move and not sit there.

Gural on the pre-game show - 'I'll look at criminally prosecuting trainers who use illegal drugs here' (paraphrasing).

The 15% superfecta takeout is now 20% and done without mentioning it anywhere I saw. Not a good way to gain buzz. I was completely unaware of this.

The 10 cent super pools, unsurprisingly, were much greater than the $1 pools. To build up those we're going to need more eyeballs from rebate players. From "Robin"

Apparently Rich Banca is one of those banned from the Meadowlands, as reported by Harness Racing Update.

Further in Harness Racing Update, Brian Sears commits to the M.

Card number two of the meet goes tonight.

Sometimes we read articles in racing with a humorous slant. I guess there is a "it's funny because it's true" angle in a lot of them that does resonate, because our business is pretty messed up. Steve Davidowitz did not disappoint at Grade One Racing.

Looking at some of his 2012 predictions we got these gems:

  • The NYRA finds out that it has been overcharging for hot dogs and beer by 18 percent due to “computer error” and  a track official  says they will try to hunt down as many who paid for them and give each .36 cents to compensate
  • A first time starter trained by Todd Pletcher wins a Saratoga maiden sprint in 1:09.33 flat and immediately is compared to Seattle Slew by the New York press corp
  • the California Horse Racing Board approves a new raise in the pari mutual takeout rate---to 28.33 percent for the Pick Six. While Jerry Jam'Gotcha' is busy trying to find his yellow crayon and fix a broken laptop, the CHRB explains: “The move will boost purses and bring more horses into our pick six races. After all,” he continues, “we have to compete with baseball which is starting up again.”
Enjoy your Saturday everyone!!

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ITP said...

There is a tote problem where the $1 superfecta races are not in the system the first 2 nights. It must be caused by the minimum wager changing during the card or something like that. I can't bet them and know of many others that can't either. I can bet the 10 cent minimum races but not the $1 minimum ones.


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