A Shot of Pop Culture

If you read virtually any book or white paper on marketing that studies brand change, or re-branding, it's often said the hardest brands to change are the ones who have something negative seeded in the minds of the general public.

Kate Hunter posted this pic from the Derby Wars iPhone horse racing game this morning on twitter.

Yes, just go behind the barn door Mr. or Mrs. iPhone user, take that little syringe, and light 'em up for the race!


Other Twitter notes-

Frank Stronach joined Twitter. There's a fascinating conversation going on Twitter about lobbying for an Eclipse Award via the medium (some think people like Graham Motion got a leg up this year with Animal Kingdom because he is so well-liked on Twitter). Well, I wonder if Frank is lobbying for Exec of the Year?! As you know I am not a Frank basher. Not only do I believe it's not warranted for the most part, it's also the easiest pass into horse racing hipsterism. I hope people treat him well on the micro-blogger. I am sure he'll have some interesting things to say. I am disappointed he didn't use the Frank's Energy Drink picture as his avatar, though.

(alert! The plot thickens. Frank has shut down his twitter account, according to TBreport).

Further, Jeannine Edwards is wonderfully authentic on twitter. She got caught Tebowing at the Eclipse Awards. You can follow her here.

Have a great day folks.

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