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The ever-interesting Prix D'Amerique went today in France. Ready Cash got the job done. What a spectacle that race is. The coverage is awesome, and seeing 20 harness horses thundering down the lane is exhilarating. The video is here. Of special note, stay through the end of the video. The dude who interviews the winning trainer looks like Bernie Madoff. Maybe it is...... hmmmmm.

Cangamble looks at fantasy horse racing. I'll draft Mickey Burke's stable first for all Meadowlands starts.If this keeps up I'll take Yannick Gingras second.

The O'Brien Award winners are all here. It's no shock who won Horse of the Year this year. He'll likely double up in the US.

I watched, kinda, the O'Brien Awards last night. The Woodbine stream didn't come on until about a half hour in via Ustream. Ironically, we missed seeing Woodbine win the excellence in broadcasting O'Brien.

I was on the digital marketing committee for the Breeders Cup and got to meet and chat with Peter Rotondo, their VP of Media and Marketing. Pete's a great guy who tries his butt off and he lent a hand to a Harness Racing Update piece on marketing harness racing here (pdf).

Hansen lost the Holy Bull today, but I can't read too much into that. It was a sloppy track and it looked like Ramon wanted to get the race done as quickly as possible.

The Meadowlands was over $3M in handle last night. It must have been the churn, because there were a ton of short shots. The Presidential was a great race, deservingly won by Golden Receiver.

Neat video of the NHC winner seeing his horse get up for him to win a cool million.

Enjoy your early part of the week everyone!

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