Thursday, April 26, 2012

Derby News, or Super Bowl News?

The NFL might have sixty players to chat with, and a game watched by a billion people, but they don't have 20+ horses, trainers, grooms, owners, and tons of fans ready to bet $100 million on a race chatting them up.

This news cycle has been pretty astonishing, and opinions on who will win the big race can change by the minute.

Perhaps you liked I'll Have Another on Tuesday, getting ready to key him in exotics, looking for a nice score. On Wednesday you found out he was shocked in his back end, so you ripped up those tickets. Then you read it was "routine and simple maintenance treatment for blood flow" and said "well, maybe I'll keep him keyed". Then you read bettors and owners talking about how it is anything but routine for a horse to be regularly shocked. Rip up those tickets again.

I bet you loved Bodemeister and saw a glowing workout report. Alrightee, let's roll. Then you saw another opinion that he looked kind of sore. Rip em up.

You saw a wonderful report this morning on Take Charge Indy. That's a Derby horse! Then you were reminded that Calvin Borel was on him and you know you're not going to get the best of it on the odds board. And of course, you could easily fall back on the "tweeting horse angle" too.

The last thing you want to do is bet a Pletcher horse in the big race, with his 1 for like 30 record. But you saw Elliot Walden compare Gemologist with Tiznow today, so you're back aboard.

Workout or not, let's all ride the 108 train to Bodemeister-ville! Whoops, Trinniberg is now in.

You think you've found your longshot on Daddy Nose Best, so you get ready to take a payday loan. Then you've found dozens of others thinking the same thing, and you're suddenly on a wise guy horse.

You're off the favorite Union Rags, because, well he couldn't run by Calvin Borel and Take Charge Indy. You're back on yesterday when you read on twitter that the sheets guys like him.

You went to bed on Monday thinking that trainer change to Assmussen for Isn't He Clever is a neat angle to use at bomb odds. Then you read he ain't even going.

You figure the Derby is so contentious that you're excited to bet a horse at 150-1 and roll the dice. Then you remember that since Mine That Bird, Derby horses who should be 150-1 are 45-1.

.......... and of course...... The Derby is still ten days away.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone.

I got most of the above via . One of those goats is a Derby news fiend.

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