Thursday, May 24, 2012


Super-trainer Lou Pena, through an investigation conducted by the NYSRWB and the New Jersey commission, was nabbed with 1700 violations, and his career looks over. Interestingly, and I'm sure we'll hear more on this, the drugs were not found in positive tests, but through vet records (the same thing they used in the Fusco case).

Pena, who was a 12% trainer with a 0% win percentage off the claim, came east and suddenly his numbers exploded, shocking virtually everyone. He became a target for many in the sport, wondering what in heavens name was occurring for this huge turnaround.

As with most of these cases, the bloodhounds came out, trying to answer exactly that question.

As with most of these cases as well, there is no smoking gun. There's no deep throat, or a positive test. Just like when the ATF broke down Ledford's door, this door was broken down with a paper trail, looking at several substances and withdrawal times.

What happens next is anyone's guess. However, the NYSRWB is not dumb, and I think they know that in the absence of a smoking gun (smoking guns are virtually impossible to find in racing, regardless), the 1,700 number that they released - coupled with his remarkable numbers -  will hit everyone with one big hammer. I bet dollars to donuts it'll work as planned.

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