Trotting Speed Show

Remember in the long past - say, oh, a few years ago - where early in the year you'd be lucky to find even the best trotter in the division break 155 at the Meadowlands?

Do you remember Dewey being all out to hold off Kajan Kooker in 53 and change in his debut in late June? Donato Hanover all out, under a fierce stick to win in 154 and change in June? Glidemaster qualifying in 200.2 and coming second in his first prep in 157?

Those days are long gone.

Whether it's the equipment or the breed, or the tracks, or trainers being way too hard too early, or drivers going all out like Check Me Out today, winning by 11, there is something going on with the square gaiters.

Three fillies have won in lower than 154 - on a 5/8's track - and the hype horse of last year (Check Me Out) isn't even the fastest of those.

The colts are absolutely flying, and we're seeing 152 and change miles already on a 5/8's.

And it is not even June 1st.

Last year, ManofManyMissions and Broad Bahn were winning in 1:55 at this time, en route to a Hambo that went in 1:53. That wasn't a stellar crop, but when a dozen colts and fillies have already gone much faster this year, it sure is different, isn't it?

The trotting speed show is either just beginning, and we'll see one or more of these colts (who frankly didn't really turn many heads last year at all late in the year) break 150, or it's the beginning of the end, and we'll just see lame horses in four months. I really don't know what's happening with the trotters, but from following them for every year since I was about 9 years old, I know I've never seen this kind of speed this early, ever.

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Annette Roydon said...

Takter raced in this mornings baby races at The Meadowlands. A 2 yo filly won by something like 22 lengths with a last quarter in 26.4, final time 57.3. You gotta be kidding


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