Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today's Derbyspeak

Yes NYRA looks to be imploding. Steve Crist is getting slammed on chat boards, as is the DRF.

But, hell, it's Derby week.

In case you missed it, here are some things that have been said, or are likely to be said in the coming days.

"He was perfect today" - Popularized in modern times by Todd Pletcher, this phrase is now used by upwards of 15 entrants connections. The other five often go with "We're pleased".

"This is the best chance I've had" - For owners, trainers and jocks who have had previous Derby starters and lost, this is a good buzzphrase.  It inspires confidence.

"That's my Derby horse!" - For people who watch works, this phrase enters the lexicon on a daily basis, when a horse looks like he has a nice move.

"I knew he wouldn't win from post one" - Ed DeRosa

"I told you post one was gold!" - Derek Simon

"I'm going with Calvin" - This is a phrase used by people who don't know any of the horses in the race, or don't follow racing. It will be said many times before post time. (note, people who watched Derby coverage on major media the last several years might replace Calvin with "Bo-Rail" to show some Derby chops)

"That's the wise guy horse" - The wise guy horse is a capable under the radar horse that was picked before the internet was invented. This year it appears to be Daddy Nose Best.

"The horse doesn't like dirt" - Said after Dullahan comes third, while getting bumped four times, coming home in 22 flat, while scoping sick afterwards.

"That horse has no shot" - This phrase is used mainly by non-gamblers. Ever since Mine That Bird won, it's been less frequently used.

"I knew he'd win, he went 1,543 thousand feet further than Hansen in the Juvenile" - Union Rags fans who follow Trakus

"I'm glad he won, I was getting tired of hearing how Union Rags went 1,543 thousand feet further than we did in the Juvenile" - Dr. Hansen

"I'm going to win the Triple Crown" - Dr. Hansen

"I'm naming Kegasus to ride in the Preakness" - Dr. Hansen

"@#*$" - Ramon Dominguez after Alpha wins by seven

"Geez, if only he got a better trip" - Thousands of us after the 20 horse dash that is the Kentucky Derby

Have a nice day everyone!

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