Happy Sunday!

The cool air has returned in my part of the world, after a nice 13C/58F day yesterday. What's also returned is Harness Racing Update, after a storm related hiatus post-Harrisburg.

In today's edition,  the opine is looked at why giving an end of the year award to a sires stake pacer is not optimal. It's kind of simple really - if Heston Blue Chip & Michaels Power were sired in Jersey (or Maine, or Florida) they would've been forced into open events and won fewer races and less money. They would've had to compete every week in tough Open events. Then we'd see how they would've done. Giving awards to sires stake horses with good looking win loss records, who win a couple of open stakes, is not what the end of year awards are about, in my opinion, anyway.

The best article of the new issue, in my opinion, is not an article at all. It's a letter from long time owner Jerry Glantz, who talks about his horse (so cooly named) "Keemosabe". It's worth reading, so please have a look (pdf)

Yesterday's action:

I thought Groupie Doll won. Hell, she deserved to win. Maybe I was just wishing she did? Great race.

Overanlyze was 8-1 at Betfair. I wish racing would uncouple like they do. Customers want it and that's why Betfair uncouples. Enough with the two and three horse entries.

I was reading Derek Simon's twitter feed yesterday. Derek looks for spot plays and executes them based on his fair odds as a pass/play. If you are not grinding away in the pools like most professionals do, this is the way to play. Don't get mad if one of your spot plays falls below your fair odds and wins. Don't get upset if three or four plays you had as borderline potentials go out and win and all pay $20. Just keep plugging, knowing at the end of the year you might grind out 10% or more and have a fun time at the game.

Conversely, I was not going to play yesterday. I decided I might take a few bombs and play the Derby Wars contest.  But I didn't feel like working, and figured what the heck. What a day. Plenty of near misses, ups and downs in the bankroll. The dreaded "second place" streak that happens so often when you bet win only. What a roller coaster. I can't believe I did that five days a week for a number of years. Props to you guys who grind out a point to pay the bills each year, and who've been doing it for a decade or more.

Harness racing reaches the doldrums this time of year, but tonight's Matron Stakes elims are worth watching. There are a number of good colts assembled.  It's on your ADW dial via Dover Downs.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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